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IAMEM Hosting :

Today, if you are interested to start your online business and looking for outstanding web hosting services. Then, IAMEM is the best choice for you. Indeed, IAMEM is one of the most popular leading web hostings and website designing agency in India that most experience and professional team offering Shared, Reseller Web Hosting, custom, VPS Hosting, Servers, and Email services at the international level.

Moreover, this web hosting plan is coming with all aspects that you require to host a website simply by sitting at home. However, get it with unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth. There SSL mechanism also consists of each website you host with our team. Furthermore, there are no additional charges and the registrations are similar as you find them now.

This site is working at the international level due to its best technology use, 24/7 phone support, and much more. Moreover, it is the globe’s biggest and best domain registrar which permits guys like you with advanced technologies to thrive and survive online.

So, purchasing a domain title is simple with our domain research engine and domain title development techniques you can get the ideal website URL for your company.

How many Hosting services is IAMEM offering?

IAMEM offers many hosting services which will make your web hosting plan outstanding from the beginning. Moreover, you will be capable to manage contracts as you move   Although, their custom-development techniques will give recommendations depending on your consumption. Their hosting includes in following categories.


Now, you will amuse from 99.9% stability, quick loading response times, and easy easy digital configuration of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other popular content management systems.

Although, it is also a highly demanded type of online hosting company work that maintains domains for clients. Indeed,  IAMEM  provides the tools necessary for them to develop and manage a site and keeps it reachable on international level web hosting.

Organizations offering web hosting solutions which known as web hosts. There is also the composition of outstanding features that include:

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Register your Domain
  • Full SSD Storage
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificates

Linux Shared Web Hosting:

There is also very demand for this type of hosting where a literal cPanel host is distributed between numerous clients. Indeed, each guy is allocating with a management server computing to operate their webpages/supplication such as CPU, RAM, and disk. IAMEM is doing Linux Shared  Web Hosting service with multiple modern and advanced tools which including in:

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Apache
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • MySQL
  • Imunify360 Scanner
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • 24/7 Support

Linux Reseller Web Hosting

Every second person wants this hosting as this web host gives the customers to contract their bandwidth to third parties. In their scenario, the hosting supplier client can offer to host to its customers as if the client himself/ herself were the serving firm.

  •  cPanel Control Panel
  • Build your Nameservers
  • Firewall Protection
  • Spamming Protection
  • High-end infrastructure
  • Protected by DDOS System
  • 24/7 Support
  • Apache
  •   PHP
  • MySQL

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is the best earning social networking Content Management System (CMS) utilized for the development of webpage and applications. Moreover, it is very successful that almost 70% of CMS-dependent websites online are running from WordPress.

Now, Hosting your website with IAMEM is very professional, quick, and easy with the use of modern techniques with affordable budgets.

  •   Latest WordPress Version
  • Nginx Web Server
  • Basic WordPress Security
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • Brutforce Protection
  • Redis Caching
  • Latest PHP Version
  • MariaDB Server
  • Full SSD Storage

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IAMEM is also offering VPS (Virtual Private Server)  hosting service which is frequently experienced as virtualization technology to offer you resolute (private) assets on a server with a lot of clients.
Their VPS services are a more reliable and safe solution than the public cloud where you don’t receive a dedicated data center. It also multiplied into other categories such as :
  • Linux VPS
  • Zimbra VPS


IAMEM is also offering email hosting services that go to the technology which collects your email texts, documents, and other data on a  proxy system. Moreover, IAMEM services will make it simple to adjust and distribute users email hosting for your hired hand.

Although it’s all user’s private email addresses (including your Gmail address ) or a business page, all email action is hosted in a certain manner, kind, or capacity.

  • Zimbra Mail
  • Google Mail
  • Office 365 Mail


IAMEM also offers management consulting services that concentrate on their customers ‘very important serious problems and priorities.

These services are also included in the plan, advertising, agency, operational processes, future technologies, conversion, virtual, technical analysis, commercial banking, mergers and acquisition, and conservation.

Moreover, they are also offering huge and implemented efficiently, but are recognized for their comprehensive approach. Indeed, IAMEM  also provides opportunities from the entire organization and among barriers of any functional boundaries.

  • Cloud
  • Media
  • Ecommerce

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DOMAINS Services in IAMEM Hosting

Domain Services keeps coherent directories data and allows customers and domains to engage with one another. Moreover, when a customer accesses a router or function on a network. This service is also offering valid credentials and checking the participant’s login details and access controls.

  • Search Domain
  • Register Domain
  • Transfer Domain


Today, IAMEM offers multiple amazing services which will prove very productive for everyone. Indeed, IAMEM is one of the most popular leading web hosting and website designing agency in India that most experience and professional team offering Shared, Reseller Web Hosting, custom, VPS Hosting and Servers and Email services at the international level.

Furthermore, many professional and outstanding features in  IAMEM attract a lot of clients to them. These features are here below :

1. Fast Load Time

There is the usage of upgrade technology with Organization CPUs and Disk space. So, it enables your webpage to move quicker.

2. Included Apps

Provides many apps in a single tab. Moreover, there is also outstanding and professional technology use on the side of softaculous. Avoid the headaches of mechanical installation.

3. Domains and Emails

Their services are also included in domains live in a short time and begin engaging with your customer’s utilization with your own current professional and field email address.

4. Great Support

Their all-time free connection is matchless. Indeed, there is not only a 24/7 contract but a promise to provide solutions to your problems before it impacts your organization.

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Final words:

We conclude that hosts and domains are very important components for starting an online business or marketing strategy. Then, IAMEM is the best and very efficient choice for you which will professionally fulfill all your needs.

Indeed,  IAMEM is one of the most popular leading web hosting and website designing agency in India that most experience and professional team offering Shared, Reseller Web Hosting, custom, VPS Hosting and Servers and Email services at the international level.

So, come here and buy their services which work as a great well-wisher and friendly for you. Thanks

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