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XCall : 

Today, if you are far away from your friends and desire to prank with them.  Then, it becomes very simple and easy to get entertainment and close attachment with friends by sitting at home. Because we are describing XCall –a global phone call app which is completely free with an easy downloading process and use from you can call and send the recording to your friends by multiple numbers.

Similarly, if any of your family members or any friend living foreign side and you want to call him. However, as many times you will call him then your number will be changed.

Now, you can call with your loveable and close friends with multiple numbers without any concern or difficulty. If you are interested to use this app then you are accurate position.

Because we are describing here the complete process of this international app use and downloading process which will prove very informative for you.

What is XCall – a global phone call app?

It is a great and very productive app that provides many facilities to prank with anyone. Every day, more than10 million users come to this site and download this app from the google play store.  You can easily call and prank your friends without any charge.

There you no need to do any hard work just download this app and start talking with your loving ones. Furthermore, your number will not go to them and you can experience multiple numbers.

What is using the process of this app?

If you are interested in this xcall app usage then make sure its downloading process.

  • Firstly, you should download this app by clicking on the button download.
  • Now, install it on your android and open it simply.
  • Then, an option comes ” Agree”. So, click on this “Agree” choice and move forward.
  • There you will get a few kinds of authorization and rights on this app. From there, you should log in to this international call app from your Facebook or Google which you think best.

After doing the login process, you will dial the number of your family member or friend you want to call to get entertainment. If you will call them then your number will not go to them. So, you can call anyone easily and freely without any charge.

How to Install it on Andriod?

Before going to the installation process, it is very necessary to make sure from your android that third-party apps are accessible in your android or not. For doing it in the best way follow our recommended below steps.

Open Menu > Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources

Now, it will permit your android to install the application from other sites besides Google Play Store. Firstly, you should complete all steps. Then, you can move to the “Downloads” process and get it from your browser.

However,  it will begin to display the installation which requires access and you can do it according to the steps to install it in the best way. When the installation process goes to an end, then you can start talking with your friends.

Is XCall – Global Free Call Application Legal to VPN?

It is completely illegal to use VPN. Moreover, some countries banned this app use. Similarly, you can download for certain causes including suspending a profile or retrieving your data or payment. So, it is better to use the VPN of any other country.

Why do millions of users recommending XCall app?

Today, there are more than millions of users who highly recommend this app use. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons behind its use. Some of the reasons for its highly and progressively downloading are here :

1. Free call app

It is a 100% Free & international free call facility application. It also runs without any contract and indirect costs.

2. Safe and Reliable Network Smartphone Calls

There is a facility to make any time-free international call to anyone. Indeed, this application provides free connection via wifi or 3G/4G/5G mobile connection.

3. Free and Accessible Global Calls

This app is also very assistance fully free calls to any android/ fax modem number to greater than 230 nations and territories. Until,  if your encounter does not have XCall installed, you can simultaneously add the phone number without any charge and can make calls with multiple numbers.

4. Clear Voice

The audio and video call voice is provided on XCall’s clear and transparent exclusive VoIP connection.  Moreover, it also offers phone call services without any noise. Their free calls do not too much larger with poor identity! With this app facility,  you can make strong calls in the case of faulty mobile phone coverage.

Features Of XCall – Global Phone Call App

Strong and Coherent Calling

  • There is a facility to get upgrade phone calls with clear and consistent!

 Free Global Roaming Call Apps

  • You can dial any android or landline telephone contact in 230+ supported nations and locations.
  • There is a facility to get free phone calls from any android with a transmitter (smartphone, pc, etc.). Moreover, these are also very helpful for you to get calls when working for an organization.
  • Although,  XCall permits you to enjoy prank-free international calls to your friends and family in the world with multiple numbers. Indeed, you can also call your friends until they are without any internet connection.

 Hide Mobile Number,  Genuine VoIP Connection

  • There is no requirement for a Caller phone number, XCall builds your online communications secret and you can call with multiple numbers. So, gear up and make the downloading of  this international app for getting private and quick calls.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of  XCall?


It is a very simple downloading process for this xcall application from any third-party website you want. However, there is also the composition of files of most editions and you can get the one as you want.

Similarly, it has instant downloading which unwanted play store, without requirements to delay the authentication process or anything else.

Indeed, You will have an xcall completely free app in your RAM/storage device as you download. However,  you can uninstall and re-install this app multiple times without any disturbance in downloading.

There you can also play many games with your friends by calling including many free toddler Games for your 2-5 Years old Kids by looking at caller kids and their toys.

However, there you will also earn money by getting coins while calls such as NFT Games are a great source to earn money.


This app downloading is coming from third-party providers commonly without any verification from Google. So, there is little risk for your android. Similarly, there is no feature of automatically updating such like Google play store commonly doesn’t have connected to it.

Final Words:

We conclude that XCall –a global phone call app is completely free with an easy downloading process and use from you can call and send the recording to your friends by multiple numbers for entertainment and prank purposes. Moreover, there is no connection issue and you can also contact a friend even if they are without an internet connection.

However, if you are working and tired from costly packages then this app is a great choice for you. So, come here get complete information and start talking with your friends and close people now!

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